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Mailbag: Will The Team Consider Trading Felix Jones?


Will the team consider trading Felix Jones? Lance Dunbar was impressive against Miami.

Nick: No, I think Felix needs to be on this team. As excited as everyone seems to be with DeMarco Murray, he's been injured twice as a rookie and was considered injury-prone in college. If he goes down, Felix has started games and had success. Plus, when playing behind a fullback, he's been his most productive. I like Dunbar and would figure out a way to keep him around, but not at the expense of Jones.

Rowan: It won't happen. Dunbar did just about all he could in his only full game of preseason work, but I don't see Jones leaving this team. There's a chance Dunbar, Jones and Phillip Tanner all make the team, though.


They traded for Ryan Cook, but are you thinking the Cowboys will try to find another offensive line upgrade on waivers this weekend?

Nick: Yes, I could see that happening. If there is another versatile player available I would see the Cowboys going after him. David Arkin just isn't ready to be one play away from starting at center. And I don't think Mackenzy Bernadeau has done enough to prove he's ready to be the starting guard AND the backup center, at once.

Rowan: They'll definitely be searching and keeping their options open. I think the starting five offensive linemen will be the same as anticipated Week 1, with Tyron Smith, Nate Livings, Phil Costa, Mackenzy Bernadeau and Doug Free, but I could still see them bringing in another guy if they like him enough.

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