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Mailbag: Wilson's Fit? Breakout Candidate?


I haven't look at the stats (maybe you can do that), but it seems like the offense has better output with Cedrick Wilson as WR3. Michael Gallup is great, especially downfield along the sidelines, but it seems that Cedrick Wilson threatens the middle of the field more. Without taking anything away from Gallup, is it possible Cedrick Wilson actually does more for this offense? — JEFF JOYCE / SHAWNEE, KS

David: This question makes me a little uncomfortable, because I think the world of Michael Gallup and think he's a great young receiver. But I have to admit, I had a similar thought on Saturday night when I was watching Wilson roast the Eagles. Now to be fair, we do have to note that he was going against a B-team secondary, but he's had similar success when called upon throughout the year. Perhaps it's as simple as saying the attention that Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb command on the outside simply makes the middle of the field that much more open. I'm not willing to say the offense is better without Gallup, but Wilson's presence in the lineup sure does seem to unlock some sense of fluidity.

Rob: Yeah, I don't want to take anything away from what Michael Gallup brings to the lineup. The Cowboys averaged 29.7 points in the nine games he played this season, and he's arguably the best deep threat and contested-ball receiver on the team. I will say Wilson is extremely efficient with a catch rate that's among the best in the league. A little like how Tony Romo in 2011 found an rapport with Laurent Robinson, a productive backup, Wilson and Dak Prescott have an on-field connection, no doubt.

Who do you think has a chance to be a breakout player in the playoffs for the Cowboys? — H. MELVIN

David: This is going to sound silly if you're a diehard Cowboys fan, but how about Tony Pollard? Of course, we all know who he is. But on a team with this much star power, I don't think Pollard is as much of a household name around the NFL. The Cowboys might need him to be if they're going to make a run. That's not to say he has to carry the load, because Zeke Elliott has looked better and better as we've gotten closer to the postseason. But Pollard has that juice and that home run ability to change a game. If he does that in the playoffs, he could make quite a name for himself – not to mention add a big spark to the ground game.

Rob: That's a good one. How about Neville Gallimore? He's been productive working back into the rotation these last four games and should continue to get better. And they really need him, especially in this matchup Sunday, because it will be important for the defensive line to keep the 49ers from getting on the linebackers quickly in the run game.

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