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Mailbag: Work Left To Do On The Roster?


I was impressed with our draft, but I was surprised we didn't get a safety. Are we happy with who we have on the team? Are we still looking at free agents? Is one of the CB's able to play safety? — BARRY ELLIS/WICHITA, KS

Rob: Cowboys COO Stephen Jones didn't rule out more moves in free agency to shore up the roster. He'll be the first to tell you he's always looking to improve the team, though. Regarding safety, they didn't sound concerned that they didn't draft one. They obviously feel good about signing HaHa Clinton-Dix, and head coach Mike McCarthy thinks there are corners on the roster who can play safety if needed. Fourth-round pick Reggie Robinson is among them.

David: At one point in my life, I also would've been surprised - but not anymore. The Cowboys have made it pretty clear they think they can address the position without spending big resources. Mike McCarthy mentioned Saturday that several of their corners can play safety, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

What does drafting CeeDee Lamb mean for Michael Gallup's long-term future with the Cowboys? I don't see the Cowboys being able to afford Gallup and Amari Cooper. — CHUCK AUSCHWITZ/ORLANDO, FL

Rob: Cross that bridge when you get there. Gallup still has two more years left on his rookie contract. Lamb's deal will last up to five. I see your point: If Lamb reaches expectations, there's only so much you can pay at one position. But, for at least the next two years, the Cowboys have a chance to field one of the best receiving groups in the league.

David: In a league where 30% of the roster turns over every year, it's impossible to know what's going to happen two years out. But the beautiful thing about drafting CeeDee Lamb is that it provides some nice insurance in case they can't keep Gallup. It's always better to have an answer to these problems before they arise.

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