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Mailbag: Worried about Parsons' comments?


I was pretty surprised when I saw that Micah Parsons said he and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer "have probably said a total of 20 words to each other." Micah also talked about Zimmer liking things one way and he liking them another. I found both of these statements concerning and wanted to get your thoughts on it. Is this worth worrying about? – H. Melvin/Ocean City, NJ

Patrik: I'm on record as saying that, unlike CeeDee Lamb's situation, I believe it would've served Micah Parsons well to be in the building for voluntary programs to get acquainted early with Mike Zimmer but, that said, it's also true that Parsons was also correct when pointing out several things — like the fact training camp is a "long time" for things to iron themselves out. It's a 31-day camp for the Cowboys, literally the longest they've ever held, and Parsons was also in the building for mandatory minicamp. As far as the compromising thing goes, I'm of the firm belief that Zimmer knows how to handle things with superstar defensive players who have big personalities, because he's done it time and again in his NFL coaching career and to great success. So, personally, while some of his words raised an eyebrow, I am not concerned at all about Parsons (also because some of the things he said were spot-on).

Nick Harris: With Parsons being out of the building for most of the offseason, I don't think this is something to worry about right now. With that being said, him not being in the building is more of the worry, but his comments are in line with where he has been. But don't fret, they will get more than enough time to get acquainted and exchange some words at training camp. Given, Parsons is the most important player on the defense, and it will take an intentional approach from both himself and Zimmer to come together to find how to best utilize him in 2024.

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