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Mailbag: What If Dak Isn't Signed By Draft Day?


Worst-case scenario: Cowboys are on the clock, Dak hasn't signed his franchise tag, the two top corners are gone but Trey Lance and Mac Jones are still there. What would you do? — VINCE RICHARDSON / MOBILE, AL

Rob: There's an important part of your scenario that's unanswered, Vince. Is there hope for a Dak deal? Because as long as there's optimism, I'm not panicking and drafting a quarterback in the first round who very well may not play a snap on his entire rookie contract. As long as there's hope, I'm drafting the best defensive prospect on the board and trying to improve the team under the assumption that Dak is the guy I'm building around. I get that we all want to see a resolution here, but if this year's offseason schedule is similar to past years (it hasn't been fully announced yet), then mid-July is still the only real deadline regarding the tag if Dak has to get it again to extend the negotiating window.

David: I respectfully disagree with my dear buddy Rob. We all want the front office to get a deal done with Dak. That's the best possible outcome. But if it's not done by mid-April, you've got to start planning for the future. Hope isn't a strategy. In the scenario you're presenting me, I'm drafting Trey Lance. He's incredibly athletic and he's got a cannon arm. He can sit and learn behind Dak for a year, and we'll see what happens in 2022. You simply can't pass up the opportunity to draft the future of your team — not if you can't come to an agreement with Dak.

Regarding the Cowboys' needs seemingly every year at DT, are the Cowboys willing to circle back and consider re-signing Gerald McCoy? Nice track record and price seemed right last year, maybe friendlier contract after the quad injury...can be a mentor for Gallimore and Hill. — NES NESTLE / SAMMAMISH, WA

Rob: This to me is a little like the "should Dallas be interested in J.J. Watt?" question we answered Monday. I think McCoy would be a great fit in terms of leadership and the defensive line rotation, provided he's healthy. I'm not sure where he is with the injury, and remember, the quad was a previous issue for him because there was an injury waiver built into the contract last year. But just like last year, I agree he could be an asset to the interior line if healthy. It's a shame that happened a week into camp.

David: Everything with McCoy just makes me think: "if he's healthy." I'd love to have him back on this team. He's a good player, and he's obviously a leader. It just depends on how well he has rehabbed. If his recovery has gone well, I'd be really happy to have him back on the team for 2021.

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