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Mailbag: Would Cam Newton Be A Backup QB? 


With Cam Newton out in New England, what are the chances the Cowboys look at him as a backup? — GEORGE BURLEY / DAYTON, OH

Nick: 100 percent chance they look at him. I'm dropping it down in the 10-15 range that they would sign him. But at this point, when they basically flipped a coin between Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush – who have never win a single game as a starter, you have to look at a former NFL MVP, or really any experienced vet, that is out there. But what I don't think about the Newton situation, is that he doesn't seem like he's ready to be a backup just yet. Maybe that's what got him out in New England. They didn't think he would be a backup there? I don't cover that team but I'm sure he's not exactly ready to call himself a backup. And I promise you, there's better teams out there for Newton to go to than Dallas. If he's ready to be a true backup, then yeah the Cowboys should be calling him ASAP. I just have a feeling he's not ready to go there just yet.

David: This hinges on one very important issue for me, and that's his vaccination status. All NFL players have the personal freedom to decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated. That's fine. But how can you let an unvaccinated player into the quarterback room, where a positive test or a slip in protocol could potentially mean you lose your backup or your starter for a game – or worse, potentially both? The risk is too great. To be clear, we don't even know for sure that Cam would want to come here. He's a former NFL MVP, so he might not be willing to ride the bench behind Dak. But the vaccination issue trumps everything else in my mind.

Against Tampa, do you think the lack of game tape on our defense provides us an advantage? On the flip side, do you think we can overcome our lack of experience as a defensive unit? — LES HOFFMAN / PELL CITY, AL

Nick: I might be able to go with you on that one ...... if ...... the quarterback they were facing wasn't Tom Brady. Since it is, then I'm doubting it will make a huge difference. Sure, it might take him a little bit to see what they're trying to do, or where they might line up a guy like Parsons, but if anyone can figure it out, it would be Tom Brady and that offense. I think the Cowboys are going to have their hands full trying to cover these wide receivers and keep up with Brady. So I'll stick to your "flip side" and say it's the Cowboys that will be at more of a disadvantage for this one.

David: There was a lot of hype last summer about how the lack of tape provides an advantage, and it turned out to be the most bogus thing I've ever heard. Not to mention, they're going up against Tom Brady, who has assuredly seen everything you could potentially throw at him. As far as how to overcome a lack of experience, the vast majority of the guys starting on this defense are veteran players. Trust in your own personal experience and sprint to the football.

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