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Mailbag: Would Earl Thomas Be A Good Fit?


It looks like the stars might be finally lining up for Earl Thomas to get his wish and play for the Dallas Cowboys now that he's a free agent. But is he still coveted by the Boys and would he be a good fit? – WALTER DE BELL / TROY, NY

David: I'm shocked that I feel so conflicted by this issue. Just one year ago, I'd have been all over this without a second of hesitation. But it's hard to ignore the fact that things have ended poorly for Thomas in two different cities. And at the risk of sounding cynical, it's very rare that NFL teams release All-Pro players if they're still playing at that level. At the end of the day, I guess I'm still interested. But if I were the Cowboys, I would do a ton of due diligence before I signed him. We've seen the negative impact that a bad locker room presence can have on this team.

Rob: I guess the answer right now is we'll see. Head coach Mike McCarthy said "we're very confident in where we are as far as the 80-man roster." He also said he's spoken to vice president player personnel Will McClay about Thomas, but talking about personnel and free agents is also standard day-to-day conversation for teams. Beyond that, McCarthy didn't speculate on the Cowboys' potential interest, deferring to the Joneses and McClay on that subject. No doubt Thomas has been a very productive player throughout this career. As always, it would probably depend on salary, the team's comfort level with their current safeties and gauging Thomas' fit.

What does this new coaching staff think of Devin Smith? Do you think they will give more of a chance to contribute in the games this coming season? Could he possibly be WR4? Thanks. – PEYTON RAWLS / PEARL, MS

David: It's impossible to say if they're going to give him a chance to contribute, especially with such a strong starting trio. But it's hard to ignore the work that he and Cedrick Wilson have put in during this camp. Right now, those two are my prohibitive favorites to round out the receiver depth chart.

Rob: Smith had a really good day last Friday with multiple touchdowns in red zone work. Overall I'd say he's had a productive start, but other receivers have stood out, too – Cedrick Wilson in particular. Ventell Bryant got more opportunities last year with a different coaching staff in large part because of special teams, and McCarthy has said special teams will be a factor in deciding that spot. It's a good competition.

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