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Mailbag: WR Rotation? Another TE Option?


With Amari Cooper now starting at one outside receiver spot and Cole Beasley in the slot, do you see the other outside spot going to Allen Hurns because of experience or Michael Gallup because of his upside? I'm going with the upside of Gallup. - REUBEN JOHNSON / MT JULIET, TN

Rob: I agree with you on Gallup's upside. Even if Hurns gets the start, playing time (and production) has been trending up for the rookie. Over the last two games he has the most offensive snaps of any receiver on the team (115) and I don't see that changing.

Bryan: I believe it will be Hurns to start with then Gallup get some more opportunities as the game wears on. The second half of this season needs to be about the development of Gallup going forward.


With his size and blocking prowess, is there any chance we could see the Cowboys try Noah Brown some at tight end? - LANDON KNAPP

Rob: I give you credit for thinking outside the box, Landon. Brown is a big receiver, but he's only listed at 225. Every tight end on the roster is at least 260. By the way, the Cowboys have 20 more days to decide whether to activate Brown off injured reserve, but it's a good sign that he's been cleared to practice.

Bryan: I don't think so. Brown has just started practicing again and nobody has told me about any potential move with him.

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