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Mailbag: Zeke For MVP? C. Williams' Progress?


Will Zeke get any real consideration for MVP? He should easily be in the top 3 when you consider what he means to this franchise. MICHAEL FORNARO / LINWOOD, NJ

Bryan: There is no question he deserves votes but it ain't going to happen. These quarterbacks overshadow any accomplishments that these running backs and wide receivers have. Voters see touchdowns, not guys that grind it out for their clubs each week.

Rob: No question Elliott is one of the elite players in the league. It just seems the best players on the teams with the best records – Patrick Mahomes (KC), Drew Brees (NO) and Todd Gurley (LAR) – are getting the most buzz. It's hard to argue against any of them for the award.


I don't have the advantage of game film, but I think Connor Williams played better recently as a RG, so I'm speculating he would also be better at LG. How has Williams graded out recently compared to Xavier Su'a-Filo? - LESLIE BASCO / HOUSTON, TX

Bryan: Williams has improved since Su'a-Filo has taken over but not to the point that I am making that switch. The offensive is currently better in the middle of the pocket with a bigger/stronger body inside. It's helped the ruining game, but more importantly it's helped them in the passing game.

Rob: What's interesting is Williams has played well at right guard without any real experience there. Of course, that's Zack Martin's spot when healthy, and he's back to practice. When Su'a-Filo has been healthy he's been solid enough on the left side to stay in that role. The question will be whether the sprained ankle limits him as the week goes on.

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