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!Tony Romo is 38-17 as a starting quarterback with 12 fourth-quarter comebacks.

sounds good, but he can't do it in September. No quarterback has ever won a playoff game in September or October. Just doesn't happen.  

If your beef with Romo is that he doesn't perform well in the playoffs or late in the season, that's fine. Just hold onto it, stuff it in your pocket and wait until it's appropriate. But right now, I'm not sure there is a quarterback I'd rather have with the ball in his hands in the final minute.  

Looking back over his career as a starter, Romo doesn't win every game. But for the most part, he's giving them a chance. Really, that's all you want from your quarterback - give us a chance to win the game in the clutch, and then go do it most of the time. 

For all the comebacks Roger Staubach had in his day, he fell short, too. John Elway threw interceptions on fourth down with the game on the line. It happens.  

But the great ones give you a chance to win all of the time. I'm not sure we're ready to call Romo "great," but he's definitely the guy I want driving down the field to win it.  

Once again, go back to that big "IF" from earlier. If Barron isn't called for holding, and Romo scrambles around and wins the game the legend of Romo would only continue.  

Still, he gave them a shot to win it.  

With a defense that can keep you in the game, and a quarterback who can go win it, those are two huge reasons why the Cowboys will be just fine this season.      

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