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Offseason | 2024

McCarthy details meetings with Jerry, Dak after loss


FRISCO, Texas — It's been meeting week for head coach Mike McCarthy this week after Sunday afternoon's playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, as he met with all of his players throughout the week and owner and general manager Jerry Jones on Wednesday to wrap up the 2023 season and look ahead to an offseason that is expected to have a lot of change.

In his meeting with Jones – one that McCarthy said lasted over three hours – topics discussed included the disappointment of the ending of the season along with the future with

"We went the whole course," McCarthy said. "Went back through things we felt may have factored. The disappointment component had a lot of layers to it, so we went through all of those layers. Then, we talked about personnel and coaches and everything involved. Business affairs. It was a long, productive conversation."

The two were able to meet one-on-one at The Star as each challenged each other on the future of what the team will look like from a coaching and roster perspective – especially with so much uncertainty hanging in the balance with a number of free agents and the future of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

"The best meetings I have with Jerry is one-on-one," he said. "They're super productive. He's an awesome boss but he's even a better leader. He asks all the hard direct questions which I love and appreciate because you get in-depth conversations that go into different directions."

"We talk about everything, the right, the wrong, the indifferent. What we need to build off of. I don't know if there's much we didn't talk about as far as topics that apply to the football operation. It's a conversation, a hard conversation."

McCarthy met with the players throughout Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as he met with the veterans first on Monday, the mid-year guys afterward and then the rookies to wrap up his exit interviews.

"They're amazing men because the thing is – and it always blows me away – is just how strong they are," he said. "With just the disappointment and your emotion and the ability to express and I think part of that too is everyday is different. Every time I do it, it's a grind. It's so productive, but there's a lot of strength and confirmation that comes from those conversations and I applaud our men for that."

One of his first conversations was with Dak Prescott, who naturally had a longer conversation with McCarthy than most players. The two are used to meeting on Thursday nights throughout the season for at least a couple of hours, but this time things were different with the 2023 season done and an uncertain future lying ahead.

"It was productive," McCarthy said of the conversation. "I thought we talked about a range of things. I think just the biggest thing with Dak, we spend so much time together, it's not like we have to have a big conversation. It's more of a continuation of a conversation on a number of different topics."

The conversation only furthered McCarthy's confidence that he can accomplish what he set out to do in Dallas with Dak Prescott by his side. Although there has been nothing but self-admitted playoff disappointment with the two, McCarthy is confident that they can reach the pinnacle they seek as Cowboys.

"I have unbelievable belief in Dak," he said. "I think he clearly has another step. This offense has suited him well. The things we were able to improve on, it's a system built around making the quarterback successful. The growth opportunity, we're really looking forward to the future. It's something that we are excited about."

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