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Meet My Big Sis!

Written by Sasha Agent

They say that once you are a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you are one for life. Like a sisterhood, the DCC share so much history and tradition. Once you are on the team, you are immediately connected with every woman who has worn the uniform. Because of the strong bonds and connections, our organization allows the DCC alumni to become a Big Sister to a current DCC.

So meet my big sis, Marion Napoleon. Marion was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during the 1986-1987 season. She describes her DCC days as "an incredible experience that taught me how to persevere through life." And yes she did indeed persevere! Marion is now a certified life coach, author, Christian motivational speaker, vocal coach (also coached Kelli) and realtor.

Marion currently travels all over the world helping men, women and children transform their lives to help them achieve success. She explained to me that being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader gave her a sense of belonging and self confidence that helped her become stable throughout her life. She says, "It illustrated to me that all things are possible if you believe in yourself, your dreams and aspirations." If you think about it, it sounds like the foundation of her career was underlined by the impact DCC made on her life.

I got the chance to ask her quite a few questions, and may I just say how honored I am to have had the chance to go one-on-one with such an inspirational woman – a woman that has paved the way for a someone like me.

Share a funny story or memory about your time with the DCC?

I had so many funny stories as a DCC. My favorite was during the halftime performance in London at Wimbley Stadium, a streaker ran onto the field to greet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The looks on our faces were priceless. It was all caught on national TV.

Name some of your teammates you were closest to, and are you still in contact with any of them?

Judy London (Young), Kay Claybourne, Alona Woods (Moore). I am still in contact with most of my DCC sisters in the alumni association. I talk to Judy frequently, and sang at her wedding.

I am also a very active DCC alumnus. I attend many functions and keep in touch with alumni from all the years. I really connected with the ladies of the '70s. They are a lot of fun, and share lots of wisdom.

When you decided to retire as a DCC, how did you know it was time? And what life realities made you make the decision you made?

I was one of the older DCC during my tenure, and working in Information Systems Management was extremely challenging and time consuming. My corporate career was soaring, and I decided to relocate with my job to New York City. I absolutely loved dancing, but my true love was singing and advancing in my corporate career. New York and on to Los Angeles allowed me to live my dreams.

After you retired, did you have a clear plan of what you were going to do next? Or were you just waiting for the next door to open?

I wrote my vision and made it my plan in the 11th grade. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader experience was an absolute surprise. It was something that I decided to do along the way. I always wanted to live in New York and Los Angeles and pursue a singing career. The lifestyle and journey for an entertainer was a little to outside of the box for me. I elected to stay in the corporate lane. I guess in pursuing my plan, I also hoped and prayed until I found my way.

Has your plan worked out for you?

I can truly say that I have lived out loud all the dreams and plans that I envisioned for my life. The longer I live, the more I have to refresh what I want and need to be fulfilled in this life.

My mantra: "Be ALL that you can be and BELIEVE that it is so!" I have come to realize that failures are all a part of the success process. When I fall, I continue to get back up and move aggressively toward my future.

Do you have any children?

I have two incredible biological sons (ages 13 and 19), and one incredible step-son (age 29) that is still a part of my life.

If you could chase any other dreams, what would you do?

Continue to travel the world with my professional life coaching and motivational speaking business, and love again. I'm actually ready after 3.5 years to get in a relationship. OMG, did I say the relationship word out loud?

How would you describe yourself?

Fun, loving and energetic.

Why did you become a DCC Big Sis?

I am truly honored and blessed to have the opportunity to be the Big Sister and Mentor in Sasha's life. She is an incredible woman that is an example to all women. A great mom, a wonderful teacher and an unselfish soul that gives back to the community during her free time as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Getting to know Sasha and pour into her life is an honor and privilege that I will cherish all the days of my life.

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