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Micah gearing up for different race vs. Tyreek Hill


FRISCO, Texas – Micah Parsons has already defeated Tyreek Hill in a race earlier this year. And when asked about it, the Cowboys linebacker doubled down on his victory at the Pro Bowl Games, stating "Tyreek knows I'm faster than him," with a huge smile.
Even Parsons said Hill told him he wasn't going to give him his best effort on the race, resulting in a Parsons victory, something he is still cherishing regardless if he got the "Cheeta's" best foot forward on that.

But make no mistake, Parsons is well aware of what the Dolphins' playmaker receiver can do on the football field.

"You know, it's not fun at all when you're going up against someone like Tyreek Hill," Parsons said. "I know I'm going to have to run faster than I ever have all year. It's fun to watch him but when you're out there playing, it's like, 'ahh I've got to deal with this.'"

And it's not just Hill's speed that should have him concerned, but the team of speedsters the Dolphins have on offense with Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert and rookie De'Von Achane.

So what's the plan? Something you would expect anyone who calls himself the "Lion" to say.

"We've got to the get to them before they can get their speed," Parsons said. "I've got to do a great job rushing the quarterback. I've got to do a great job setting the edge to slow these guys down. It's going to take everybody. We have to make them cut back into the rest of the defense and use the sideline."

Last week against the Bills, the Cowboys gave up a season-high 266 rushing yards, and many of the plays were on the outside edges, exposing the Cowboys ability to keep containment.

The Dolphins pose plenty of threats to the edges this week in a lethal running back combination of Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane, that's less "Thunder & Lightning" and more like "Lightning & Lightning." Mostert set the Dolphins' single-season record with 18 rushing touchdowns and Achane has missed four games due to injury, but still has seven TD carries on just 72 attempts, with an 8.5 yard average.

But Parsons knows the Cowboys must counter that with speed as well. When asked about his own team's speed, he playfully outlined their own 4x100 relay squad, stating that he would likely start off, followed by practice squad receiver Tyron Billy-Johnson, then KaVontae Turpin and Brandin Cooks as the anchor.

While that's fun to discuss, Parsons also should know that he's the only defensive player on that list. So when the actual "track meet" of a game takes play Sunday, he's going to need to be at his best, possibly even a step ahead of Tyreek Hill, like he was at the Pro Bowl race earlier this year when he won, ousting Hill, Buffalo's Stefon Diggs and Cleveland's Nick Chubb.

Hill claims he didn't give his best, but that just aids to their friendly banter that has been displayed on social media. But Parsons calls Hill a good friend, revealing that the Dolphins receiver gave his family some tickets for a game.

But come Sunday, it probably won't be a friendly affair when the Lion is out there chasing the Cheeta.

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