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Offseason | 2024

Micah, McCarthy relationship is thriving in 2024


FRISCO, Texas — This offseason has thus far been one dominated by talk of the CeeDee Lamb holdout, though Micah Parsons did find himself a part of the conversation when he opted to train outside of the building before eventually reporting to the Dallas Cowboys for mandatory minicamp in early June — something head coach Mike McCarthy was completely fine with.

McCarthy noted, time and again, that both Lamb and Parsons remained "engaged" the entire time, and the latter was also in the building on more than one occasion for various reasons (e.g., meetings).

It's a relationship between head coach and generational player that has blossomed over the past three seasons, as Parsons recently explained.

"Oh man, me and coach McCarthy are super well," said the three-time First-Team All-Pro pass rusher.

Parsons spoke in great depth during minicamp regarding team chemistry and his role in it, and it appears the topic has been broached by McCarthy as well, and the two are on the same page.

"We met for an hour or so just the other week," Parsons said. "I don't think people understand just how much more McCarthy is invested in me in becoming a leader, and how he thinks I value the team and where we're headed. I think McCarthy is really good and I really value our conversations and our relationship growing more as he's been here.

"And I think that's very powerful to me."

Prior to this offseason, it was more often Dan Quinn, former Cowboys' defensive coordinator turned Washington Commanders' head coach, who was the support column for Parsons but, with that having changed for 2024, he and McCarthy find themselves having grown that much closer ahead of one of the most pivotal seasons in franchise history.

And the most pivotal for Parsons' young, dynamic career — as contract talks loom on the horizon.

"He's taken on the challenge of, when Dan [Quinn] left, to be that voice for me and I really appreciate that." said Parsons.

Up next for the deepened connection is training camp in Oxnard, set to begin the week of July 22 and extending to August 22, marking the longest camp in Cowboys' history.

And if Parsons can continue to level up his play and to take the next step in helping to potentially lead the Cowboys to the end of their infamous Super Bowl drought, it will in part be due to what is blossoming between him and his head coach.

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