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Michael Bennett: Everyone Just Wants To Win


FRISCO, Texas -- It doesn't take a Super Bowl champion to figure these things out, but it carries some extra weight coming from a guy who's been there.

Asked about the attitude in the Cowboys' locker room this week, Michael Bennett summed things up pretty nicely.

"I think the mood's been good. I think everyone just wants to win," he said. "When you want to win, there's always going to be some chippiness."

Chippiness has been the subject of the week after Ezekiel Elliott said the Cowboys got after it at a spirited Sunday practice. It's an understandable byproduct of a two-game losing streak, but Bennett doesn't think it has adversely affected the Cowboys heading into this week's road trip to Chicago.

"I think everybody respects the amount of work each player puts in, the coaches put in," he said. "But we want great output. And the output is winning. That's the most important thing and we're trying to figure out what's the best way of doing that."

Bennett has been in the news for his own role in that process. Following Thursday's loss to Buffalo, he could be heard in the Cowboys' locker room giving an impassioned speech to his teammates. He declined to comment on that, but he did say that this is the time for the Cowboys to take a hard look at themselves.

"Everybody enjoys winning, but losing makes you look into the mirror more and self-reflect on things you got to fix," he said. "Sometimes, when you win you can overlook things but when you lose, the eye of the camera finds everything that's wrong. So I think sometimes you've got to self-reflect and we're at the moment where we've got to self-reflect and figure out how to put our best foot forward."