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DCC Miranda Reflects on International Women's Day


International Women's Day is a day to remember the strength, courage, wisdom, and achievements of the women who have come before us, the power, dignity, and enthusiasm of the women of today, and the dreams, accomplishments, and visions that will blossom for the women after us. There is no limit to what women can achieve when we put our hearts and minds together.

Today is a day to be empowered by the remarkable women that surround us. Every day, I am fortunate to be surrounded by women who exude the characteristics of an empowered woman. I work with women who are nurses, teachers, businesswomen, moms, and entrepreneurs. But as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, we come together as artists who support each other, cheer one another on to victory, and know the strength in sisterhood.

Embarking on the journey of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader takes a woman who dares to dream big. A woman who isn't deterred by those who don't believe in her. A woman who relies on hard work and dedication. A woman who strives to better herself every day, knowing that there is no such thing as perfection. Each woman that I am lucky enough to call my teammate is an inspiration to other women who also dare to dream big.

On this day, be proud of who you are and know that no one can be a better you than yourself. Take that pride and run with it to cement your legacy to leave behind. Make the positive impact to create a world that we want our future generations to be proud of.

Cherish how far we as women have come and never settle for less. Never settle for fine, okay, or good enough. Keep fighting, keep pushing, keep inspiring others and look for new ways to be inspired. I know I am inspired by the women who surround me in this organization, giving me the power to achieve my dreams.