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Domenik Hixon and Sinorice Moss and they don't have anyone that scares you much either. 

But the same way that Crayton can go 80 yards for a touchdown is the same reason you can't take any of them lightly. 

Moving to tight end. Before I get blasted for this one, let me preface by saying that Jason Witten is probably the most complete tight end in the NFL and what he's already done, making five Pro Bowls before the age of 27, puts him ahead of the class among most tight ends. 

But the Giants tight end, Kevin Boss, comes from a similar mold. He's not real flashy, just solid. Good pass-catcher who can make plays down the field if the opportunity arises and a very good blocker on the line. Again, Boss isn't Witten but his ability to block and catch well makes him valuable enough to be considered a weapon. 

Switching to the offensive line, the Cowboys have more big names, therefore they have more Pro Bowls attached. But the Giants' five is really just as good. They're not as big, but they are mechanically sound. That's why last year's game in December, when they allowed eight sacks against the Cowboys, was almost a fluke. Nothing against the Cowboys' pass rush, but New York had only allowed 15 sacks in their previous games, although four were to the Cowboys. So while the line is pretty solid up front, they have trouble with the Cowboys.  

However, the same goes on the flip side. The Cowboys usually hold their own, but the Giants have been known to get after Romo, like they did in 2007, making him run for his life in the playoff loss. 

If there are some differences on defense, it's really because of injuries. The Giants are more banged up with Chris Canty (calf), Clint Sintim (groin) and Aaron Ross (hamstring) all out for Sunday's game and safety Kenny Phillips (knee) and cornerback Kevin Dockery (hamstring) both questionable to play. The defense is thinning out in New York. 

And that might just be the equalizer on defense, although the Cowboys will have about 100,000 individual advantages that could be a deterrent when the Giants have the ball.  

All in all, this is a pretty even game. And that's what makes it so exciting.  

The last 10 meetings are split right down the middle with each team having five wins, including a season split last year.  

These teams are even. This game will be even.  

It will come down to about five minutes to play and the ball is going to bounce just right for some team. Let's just hope that bounce occurs on the field and nothing hanging 90 feet in the air.    

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