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Mock Roundup

Mock Roundup: Experts Picking These 8 To Cowboys


The NFL Draft isn't until next month, and this week has been overshadowed somewhat by the start of free agency. But you can be sure that the front office evaluations are well under way, which means the prognosticators are hard at work as well. No one knows exactly what will happen when Dallas is on the clock, but one thing is for sure: The Cowboys need to come away from the draft with some players who will be ready to contribute sooner than later.

So, with experts all a round the country attempting to forecast the first round of the NFL Draft, we'll periodically take a look at who some of those experts slot in for the Cowboys No. 10 overall pick in our mock draft roundup.

This week, we polled 19 different mock drafts and came up with eight different choices with a strong emphasis on the same position.