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Need vs. BPA

!USC's Tyron Smith is considered to be one of the favorites for the Cowboys to draft Thursday night.

the Cowboys were to somehow trade with Carolina to get that top selection, I'd pick Fairley. So if he's there at No. 9, I can't imagine passing on him.

Then again, I think the Cowboys will.

And, of course, when it's all over, BPA isn't something that can really be argued because you know Jerry, Stephen and scouting director Tom Ciskowski will tell us they got the best player on their board for the pick they made. If they take Tyron Smith, we'll probably never know if Smith was rated higher than Julio Jones, Nick Fairley, Blaine Gabbert or anyone else on the Cowboys' board.

BPA sounds great, but it doesn't make sense every time. In some years, it comes down to need, and with the Cowboys' currently having four starting offensive linemen who will be 32 next season, they NEED to get younger on the offensive line.

This is when need should, and probably will, override talent.

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