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No Catches For Witten Thursday, But Crucial Play Late

MINNEAPOLIS – Jason Witten hadn't played a game without catching a pass since Nov. 2, 2008 against the New York Giants.

Thursday night, the stat sheet says the 14-year veteran tight end and Cowboys all-time receptions leader didn't have a catch in the team's 17-15 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Witten did grab hold of the football at a critical moment when he recovered the Vikings' onside kick in the final seconds to preserve the Cowboys' lead for good.

Witten did have an 11-yard catch wiped out by a holding penalty in the fourth quarter.

"We didn't have that many plays on offense and we didn't have that many throws. I think we only threw it 18 times," head coach Jason Garrett said. "Over the course of the game, when you have more snaps and more pass attempts, obviously more opportunities for the guys on the other end. I don't know that they (Minnesota) were doing anything in particular to (contain) Witt. There were a number of times his number was called and Dak (Prescott) just went somewhere else because the coverage dictated it."

After the game, the offensive captain made clear he's more concerned with the Cowboys' 11-1 record than his catch total.

"I don't remember (that 2008 game) and I probably won't remember this one other than we got the win," Witten said. "I'm playing for much more than catches.

"There were a couple opportunities. That's just the way the game went. I know my role within this offense and still feel like we can make those plays. In the course of a game that's the way it goes. And give them credit, they (Minnesota) did a good job."

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