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it's hard to say that with a 1-2 record.  

Maybe the more appropriate answer is that no team in the NFC should really scare this team. No one. The Packers look tough at times but they also beat themselves and nearly lost at home to the Lions. The Saints haven't really been themselves yet either. They don't exactly resemble a Super Bowl champion.  

And of course, the NFC East is the NFC East. Regardless of the records, those will be tough games. We already know that. 

Only in the NFL can you have this opinion and it be somewhat believable. But I really think the two scariest teams in the NFC right now are both 1-2. That'd be the Vikings, now with Mr. Moss on board, and the Cowboys.  

That would be your 12th and 13th teams in the conference. Is that possible? That's the way I see it.  

So I'm basically saying I'm right there with everyone else - media, fans, even a few players who are brimming with some confidence this week - that I do think the Cowboys are on the verge of turning it around.  

Spears really said it best, although he asked for his French to be excused when he relayed a story his former high school coach used to say.  

"We can go from the penthouse to the $#!%-house in one week."  

As for the latter, Spears said the Cowboys were definitely in that place after the 0-2 start. And he says the team isn't anywhere close to the penthouse right now.  

But they will be a lot closer to the other end of that spectrum if this team isn't 2-2 by Sunday evening.        

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