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Not The Issue

!Newman allowed a key 55-yard pass to New Orleans' Robert Meachem last week.

of times a player has been "burned" this year. And it has Newman tied for ninth in the NFL for the most times burned.  

This particular study had Newman being targeted 69 times and burned 43 times. Forty-three, huh? Sorry, maybe I don't know what a burn is. I kind of thought it meant when you're running down the field trying to chase someone down and he's three to four yards ahead catching a pass - kind of like what Meachem did to Newman.  

But 43 times? That's basically saying Newman has been burnt an average of four times a game. Not the case - not even close.  

So I went to another category - kind of a big one - touchdowns allowed. Let's see how many times these cornerbacks are giving up touchdowns.  

Newman has allowed two, it says. Obviously, Meachem's big play wasn't a touchdown, but it changed the game. So granted, these stats aren't always going to tell the whole story.  

But still, Newman has given up two touchdowns. The list had 78 defensive players that have allowed at least three touchdowns or more this year. There were 122 other players tied with Newman with two scores allowed.  

Take those stats however you want them.  

I'm really not trying to sway anyone's opinion on Newman. But I think he's more than serviceable - I think for the most part he's been one of the most consistent players, not just on this team this year, but for the last eight years he's been around.  

Call me crazy, call me stupid, or just call me a guy who saw Kareem Larrimore, Mario Edwards, Dwayne Goodrich, Lance Frazier, Pete Hunter, the Izell Reese experiment, Charlie Williams, Jameel Powell and Pat Dennis. Should I go on?  

OK, I will. I've seen Phillippi Sparks, Bruce Thornton, B.J. Tucker, Duane Hawthorne, Derek Ross, Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones.  

Sorry if I left anyone out. Then again, if you were left out of that list, you were probably pretty forgettable.  

Point is, Newman has always been the best this team has. And even this year, he's been the best of the three cornerbacks - among Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick. Oh, and he's much better than Bryan McCann, despite the fact that the rookie has made two really nice athletic plays. But when it comes to cornerback, there is a reason he wasn't drafted, a reason the Cowboys cut him the first time, a reason Baltimore cut him the next time and a reason he spent two more months on the practice squad.  

Before you throw the Miles Austin and Tony Romo book at me, that doesn't mean McCann won't be a good player for the Cowboys. But he's not ready to go and unseat a guy like Newman.  

Sorry if it feels like I'm a preaching, but this week there has been an overload of knee-jerk reactions to try and get rid of Newman. Opinions are opinions and we've all got dozens of them. But really, go find a better, realistic option for this team - not just for this year but for the next couple of years.  

I don't think you can do that.  

Not saying Newman is the best corner in the league - I never have. Not saying he's even in the Top 10 anymore. But if he's not, he's right there.  

Dallas doesn't really have a lot of options at the position right now. Like him or not, Newman is the best the Cowboys have.  

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