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Now Or Never

!Romo will turn 31 on April 21.

How many guys can really be replaced in one offseason, if that's the route the team decides it must take? 

And while the Cowboys should want better from their line, the offense did still score a lot of points this season, 24.6 per game, seventh-best in the league, with backup quarterbacks starting 10 games. It's the defense that has the farthest to go, and may be in need of the biggest overhaul.  

It's not as simple as deciding who to keep among the free agents like defensive ends Marcus Spears, Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher, or safety Gerald Sensabaugh. Except for DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys should be questioning what they have in everyone on defense. Set 94 aside and there's not one guy who played up to expectations this year on that side of the ball.  

Are Bradie James, Keith Brooking and Terence Newman too far over the hill? Were the 2009 seasons of Mike Jenkins and Anthony Spencer merely a mirage?  

Either the Cowboys get all of these coaching and player decisions correct this offseason, or they could run out of time in the Romo era while chasing answers all over the roster.  

There are just so many aspects of the team that must improve, and so many crucial decisions to make in the coming months. Following a 6-10 season, there's no point in talking about a "championship window" because the Cowboys have so far to go. But there is a limited amount of years before they are forced go fish at quarterback, and start over at the beginning. 

It's get it right, or get used to it.   

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