Now What?

to try to win.

"Every morning I wake up, I believe I can win. Hope, whatever you want to call it, we don't play this game to be defeated. And so that's just the competitors in this locker room. We didn't do well the first half, but we're stepping up now, and I know it won't be believable until we beat the other good teams coming up."

We know how the players feel, but don't fans also feel better after a win than a loss, even if it has no bearing on things come January? Even if it drops the team a slot or two lower in the draft?

That's why they have the draft after all, to help teams win actual games.

So the Cowboys, though 2-0 in the Garrett era, are almost certainly not going to the playoffs. Most of us have dealt with this fact and accepted it. We've moved on. We've dismissed that possibility.

But it doesn't mean we should expect the minimum from them.

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