On The Short End

!The Cowboys tendered Spears at $1.226 million for 2010.

going along the line, which is precisely the reason they won't be paying anyone Canty money. 

"I just think there's a lot of wear and tear on you," Pasqualoni said. "The good teams I've been around have got guys that are specialists. Rushing the passer is a full-time job in this league. You can't be a part-time guy." 

Spears has all but resigned himself to the idea he'll have to go elsewhere for a big payday, but he's vowed to not make it an issue. 

"I only know how to play one way," Spears said. "If it's not good enough for them then it'll have to be good enough for somebody else. I would like to think I've been playing at a pretty high level around here. 

"I think that puts pressure on yourself when you're thinking of a contract year. I've just got to play football and it'll work out. I'm not one of those guys to start pressing the panic button." 

Spears, Hatcher, and Bowen are all valuable to the team, and by excelling at their respective jobs they each drive up their own marketability. So Spears has to keep doing his thing on first and second downs, and Hatcher and Bowen have to play just as well when they're called upon. They've got to make an impact getting after the quarterback on third down.  

If the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, everybody gets paid. It has happened before.   

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