Open Your Ears

Written by Nicole Bulcher

I never thought I'd live to experience the day when Kelli Finglass would inadvertently give me relationship advice.

It went down like this:

The veterans were invited to help celebrate the opening of H&M at NorthPark Mall at the very end of the summer. We drove to and from the event in style, a stretch hummer, and Kelli joined us on this appearance as our chaperone. The drive home took extra time because we were trapped in typical Dallas traffic, but being stuck in a stretch hummer with all of your friends is never a bad place to be!

If you get that many girls together, the subject of boys will eventually come up and, of course, checking on boyfriends, fiancés, husbands and "the relationship status" of those in limbo will normally be topics of discussion during such a car ride.

Some of the girls were excitedly discussing wedding plans because there are several DCC's getting married next spring. All of this marriage talk got Kelli in the conversation and she offered some insight for those of us who may or may not have marriage in our near futures. What she said went straight to my core. Her comments could have been applicable to anyone, but they seemed to be yelling directly at me!

The short list below is compiled from Kelli's advice that day and common sense everyone tells you but you refuse to listen to. Because this article is hopefully going to reach some of the guys, please consider the following in your own relationship. And girls, this applies to us too!

  1. Don't try to change anyone – yourself included.
  2. Major things to agree on in a relationship – religion and politics.
  3. Trust each other!
  4. Support each other's goals and dreams.

I can admit I knew about these "relationship rules" for years and still thought some of them didn't apply to me, like I was the exception. But, I'm not. It tends to be true: When you quit "looking for signs" or seeking answers is when stuff falls right in front of you.

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