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OTA Notes: Cobb Getting Used To Cowboys Blue 


FRISCO, Texas – He's been here for more than two months, but it's still feels strange to see Randall Cobb in this room.

Cobb spoke to reporters in the Cowboys' locker room on Wednesday afternoon, standing in front of a locker with a big star emblazoned on his nameplate.

As strange as it might be for anyone else to see the longtime Green Bay Packer wearing Cowboys colors, Cobb said he has embraced the change whole heartedly.

"For me, I always try to put my next foot forward," he said. "Obviously, reminiscing on my career, I've had a lot of great memories in Green Bay, but now I'm here and I'm excited moving forward to see what kind of memories and things we can create here."

Obviously, some of Cobb's best Green Bay memories came at the expense of the Cowboys. The Packers went 4-1 against the Cowboys during Cobb's time in Green Bay, including two instant classic playoff games.

Cobb totaled 34 catches for 341 yards and a touchdown in five games against the Cowboys. Of those performances, none was bigger than his 8-catch, 116-yard game in the 2014 playoffs – highlighted by his 12-yard catch on 3rd-and-11 to seal a heartbreaking loss for Dallas.

As fond a memory as it might be, Cobb said he's ready to create some new ones – and this time on the other side of the rivalry.

"That was a lot of fun. That was an exciting game," he said. "I've been a part of some great Packers-Cowboys games over the years, and we've got one this year. Hopefully I'll be on the right side of that one, too."

-David Helman

Installation Process

The Cowboys might have a lot of familiar pieces to their offense this year, but anytime a new coordinator arrives, the first week of OTA could be rather different to everyone.

Kellen Moore's new system won't be drastically different than what Scott LInehan had in place, but head coach Jason Garrett said there will be a few changes.

"I think you always want to evolve," Garrett said. "Anytime you have a new person in that offensive coordinator role you'll have some evolution. We think that's a good thing. You want to implement things differently. That's a big part of what this instillation is this week."

The Cowboys use these voluntary OTA (Organized Team Activity) practices over the next three weeks to primarily to install the offensive, defensive and special teams systems in place. The Cowboys will wrap up their offseason practices with a three-day minicamp in mid-June.

-Nick Eatman

New Wrinkles?

When first asked if there would be noticeable changes to the offense this year under Kellen Moore, quarterback Dak Prescott shrugged and was about to say there wouldn't be a big difference.

But the more he thought about it, his answer changed.

"You may notice a little bit… yeah you'll definitely notice it," Prescott said. "We're presenting it different. The way we run plays, I can't tell you there will be a lot of new offensive plays. But they will be presented in a lot of different ways. And that will be a big help for us."

Prescott later elaborated somewhat, stating the offense will likely still run most of the same plays that have been successful over the past few years. But in terms of formation, pre-snap movement and alignment, Prescott said there will be different ways to get to the same plays.

"It's just going to look a lot different at the start, and that's important," Prescott said. "We won't make a lot of changes. Just a few things here and there that should help us."

-Nick Eatman