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Packing Up

Written by Cassie Trammell

In the last few days before the wedding, I am no longer stressing over what else is left to do for the big day. All of the plans are now set in stone and final details are being checked off, so I am stress-free in that department! Now I am just worrying about finding time to pack for the wedding, calendar shoot, and my honeymoon. In the midst of all of these things I am doing, I still have a whole lot of schoolwork thrown in the mix because I will be missing almost three weeks.

When it comes to the actual wedding day, for some reason I am terrified to forget something. I have been making lists and trying to remember every small detail, but its still a big fear of mine. Because I will be staying at a hotel with my bridesmaids the night before, I need to have everything ready to go a day early. So I will have a suitcase with overnight stuff, toiletries and what not, my outfit to get ready for the wedding in, my going away dress (because I cannot easily get into a car in my wedding dress,) my shoes for both my wedding dress and going away dress, my overnight stuff for the wedding night and overnight "mini-moon," and extra clothes for our quick day trip to a fun little town. All of that, plus my garment steamer, Collin's wedding ring, all of my jewelry, Collin's overnight stuff so he doesn't have to lug it around on wedding day, and everything else I am remembering as I write this!

Before the wedding events ever begin, I have to have my bags completely packed for our DCC calendar shoot, because we leave the day I get back from my overnight trip with Collin. That is why Collin and I are taking a little "mini-moon." I will be leaving for 10 days right after we get married for the calendar shoot. I am super excited about the calendar shoot, though, and am looking forward to getting to know all the returning rookies/new veteran hopefuls a little better. It is really the time when we get to bond with people we haven't gotten to know super well throughout the year already.

On the last day of the calendar shoot, my new husband will be flying in to meet up for our honeymoon! At first, out honeymoon was during the calendar shoot, but coincidentally in the same city. Rather than worrying about seeing my mom and all my friends on our honeymoon, and worrying about things like my weight and getting sunburned because I still had to shoot the last few days of the trip, I decided we should change the dates.

Thankfully, we worked it all out, and now I am able to meet up with Collin and go over to our resort for our honeymoon. I am so lucky to have been able to work that tangled mess out. Therefore, right now my life is a big laundry- and pack-fest. Because I will be staying after the calendar shoot, I will have to pack five days of extra clothes for my honeymoon. Hopefully I can just repeat outfits!

If anyone has any tips for me about what I might need on my wedding day and for everything else, let me know. I have heard a few things that I would have never thought I would need to take, but have been life-savers for others, so I would love to hear any of your thoughts!

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