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Pacman Slowly Getting His Groove On

as Pac says, "Game speed." 

  Let's face it, to me playing corner in the NFL is the second most difficult position there is, taking a backseat to only quarterback. You don't miss an entire off-season, training camp, preseason, regular season and a portion of the next off-season without skipping a beat. 

  And since Pac started playing football as a little guy, this is the longest absence he's had from the game. 

  "But it's coming back," he said. 

  And let me tell you, if that first punt return is any indication, one will be coming back soon. That was special, or as he would tell you, that's Pacman Jones. 

  Because someone asked him here on Monday if he wants to be just like Devin Hester, and that reference to Chicago's sensation who has 13 kickoff, punt or missed field-goal returns for touchdowns in his first two NFL seasons got under Pac's skin. 

  "Before I got suspended I was leading the NFL in punt returns," Jones said. "I don't look at Devin Hester. I'm me. I do me. 

  "I just do me. Hester is himself. Can't be two Hesters. Can't be two me's." 


  The Cowboys will be glad to have just one Pacman, but unfortunately they won't find out until the end of this month if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will reinstate Jones from his one-year suspension that has moved into "extra time" since he was banished from playing in the league a year ago April. 

  So they have to be careful not to get totally seduced by his potential. They must allow him to knock off all the rust he can, but silly them if they put all their confidence in his reinstatement basket. So they have to make sure they have someone else prepared to return punts. They have to make sure they have someone else at this point to play right corner on the dime defense when starter Anthony Henry moves inside into the slot over the tight end. 

  And for all those who think Pac should automatically replace Hank at right corner on the first team, just hold your britches. He's not ready for all that. 


  "I just want to be right before September," Jones said. 

  Leaving him nearly three full weeks, commissioner permitting, to, as Stewart said, "Get your groove on." 


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