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Peace Out

!Some 15 months since being dumped by the Cowboys, Owens is again without a team.

have as many weapons to share the offensive burden in Buffalo last year, but the result was his worst season in at least a decade. 

But this isn't about Owens, and it's not about Crayton, Austin, Williams or the bad guy in waiting, Bryant. It's about the Cowboys, who last season piled up more yards offensively, and more passing yards, than in any of their previous 49 seasons. Jones knew what he was talking about with that "Romo-Friendly" stuff, evidently. Without one receiver commanding so many balls, Romo simply threw to the open guy, posting a career-high quarterback rating of 97.6.  

The passing game ceased to include egos, but more than a year after T.O.'s departure, wide receiver for the Cowboys is still seen as a me-first position. It's probably more a perception than a reality, but the Cowboys still have to overcome the controversy vacuum Owens left behind. 

"Your own agenda has to be second and the football team first," head coach Wade Phillips said. "We preach that, but you've got to go out and do it, and I think more of our players understand that. That's been real positive."           

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