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Position Series: RB Starts With Jones' Health

Julius Jones: Has shown superstar potential in two years. Has also missed 11 games in two years. Has to prove the latter is a fluke.
Marion Barber: Will be waiting if Jones gets hurt again. Parcells loves his versatility and will likely give him a shot to compete for the starting job.
Tyson Thompson: Good return man, but not dazzling. Maybe that will occur this year, along with more plays on offense.
Keylon Kincade: Can't go to the practice squad again. Parcells likes him, but he's limited by his size.
Demetrius Summers: Could he be this year's Thompson? He'll get his chance in training camp.
Lousaka Polite: This year's wild card. He'll have to show he can play some tailback and tight end to stick around.

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