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Prime Position



I wouldn't think Sherman is alone in that thinking.  

It seems like we get so caught up in numbers of receivers that we wonder just how many guys are going to remain on the 53-man roster come September. Do they keep five? What about six? And who can go to the practice squad?  

While those are legitimate questions, they're rather premature. Because it doesn't seem like the team has a set number of receivers - or any position number for that matter.  

The main number is getting to 53, no matter how many are at each position. 

My guess is that from top to bottom, the receivers push each other extremely hard. So hard that Kevin Ogletree might have his days of looking like the best one in the bunch. And there will be times when Hurd and Crayton prove why they've been around so long.  

Williams will have another solid camp with flashes of meeting his sky-high expectations and Austin and Bryant will look like Pro Bowl-bound players. Even guys like Manny Johnson and Jesse Holley will - and have - looked like roster contenders. 

All in all, this is a talented collection of players. And with the constant struggle to one-up each other, it will be even better and more talented a few weeks from now.    

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