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Q & A Session

!Mike Jenkins led the team with five interceptions in 2009 en route to his first Pro Bowl selection.

What was the biggest thing you learned from last year?
Jenkins: Just to come out and play with my god-gifted talent and build my confidence. Before Pacman Jones left this last season he just told me I was really gifted, and I should just go out and just play and not think. I did that last year and had a great season.

How good do you think the secondary can be this year?
Jenkins: I feel like we can be great. We have a lot of ball hawks back there. I think Alan Ball came in last year and set high standards. He put his hands on a lot of balls last season when he came in, once Ken got hurt, but dropped a lot of balls. We did that as a core. I feel like this year we did a lot more ball drills coming in during OTAs and during this camp. I feel like we are going to catch a lot of balls this year.

What's it like going against this talented receiving core everyday in practice?
Jenkins: I'm going to come out here and work hard everyday against them. I feel like as long as I can D those guys up, I can pretty much D anybody up in the league.

How does competing with Newman motivate you?
Jenkins: It's always going to motivate me. I grew up watching Terence Newman. He was one of my idols growing up. It feels good for me to get out here and compete with him on the other side of the field. As long as he's doing his thing and battling, I feel like I have to stay one step behind him and hopefully I can catch up to him one day.

Why do you prefer to do press coverage?
Jenkins: I have long arms and I feel like I can run with any guy. I feel like that's my advantage to a lot of guys.

Do you ever try to invite throws and make it seem to the quarterback that a receiver is open?
Jenkins: I do that a lot. I tried it today and Dez got behind me and caught the ball, but I'm always doing it. That's how I got a lot of picks last year; just baiting a lot of receivers to get behind me and as soon as the quarterback throws it up, I run up under the ball and get it.

Who do you think are the top five cornerbacks in the league?
Jenkins: I'll have to go with (Darrelle) Revis, Asante Samuel, Champ Bailey, Nnamdi (Asomugha) and Terence (Newman).

You don't think you belong on that list yet?
Jenkins: No, I'm still playing. I went to the Pro Bowl one year. I have to get a couple more under my belt before I can put myself up there.

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