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Randy Gregory Updates His Reinstatement Process


FRISCO, Texas – At long last, an update on one of the NFL's strangest storylines.

It doesn't exactly provide clarity, but Randy Gregory has offered a statement about his ongoing attempt at reinstatement to the NFL.

Gregory tweeted the brief statement, written in his phone's Notes application, on Wednesday afternoon. In it, he updated the status of his reinstatement and suggested that COVID-19 may be playing a role in the delay from the league office.

"I've been ready to play and test for months but still have gotten little to no help to resolve my reinstatement," Gregory said in the note. "I'm asking more questions than I'm getting answered."

That should sound familiar to anyone who has followed the story. Gregory has been discussed often, but seldomly heard from, since he was suspended indefinitely in February 2019. The former second-round draft pick has been suspended four times in total since entering the league in 2015. However, during his most recent action during the 2018 season, he compiled 25 tackles and six sacks as a rotational member of the pass rush – a show of potential which no doubt has contributed to the amount of curiosity about his status. 

Gregory reportedly applied for reinstatement back in March, and it's been widely speculated that the changes to the substance abuse policy in the NFL's new CBA would help his case. Since then, though, there hasn't been much in the way of new information – until today.

There's no telling what impact, if any, Gregory's statement will have on the process, but it's obviously a situation that will bear monitoring as the Cowboys ease their way into training camp.