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Rank'Em: After Dak, Who Else Needs New Deal?


So the July 15 deadline came and went. And here we are, with Dak Prescott still without a long-term contract.

Now, he does have a rather hefty payday in front of him as he signed his $31.4 million franchise tag for this year, assuring that Prescott will be the Cowboys' quarterback for this year.

But without a long-term deal in place, the future is certainly cloudy for Prescott, who could be franchised again for around $38 million in 2021. But that could be problematic depending on what happens with the salary cap after what will likely be a unique season for the NFL in 2020.

But while no contract negotiation in the NFL has gained more attention than this one, the Cowboys will likely have other players seeking new deals as well.

Let's look at 12 players, Dak included, that could potentially be next in line for a new payday.

Now that Dak Prescott can't get a new deal until 2021, he joins nearly a dozen others who will likely be seeking new contacts as well. We ranked the Cowboys' priority list.

William A. Boykins

Digital Media Producer / Webmaster

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