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Rank'Em: Best Picks By Round in Cowboys History 


Seven rounds. Really doesn't seem like much when considering that NFL teams are trying to build 53-man rosters. Yet, these seven rounds, played out over three days, have grown into the second-biggest event on the league's annual docket.

Twenty-nine years ago was when the NFL went to the seven-round draft format. Before that, there were eight in 1993, a transition from the 12 rounds that occurred from 1977-92. Going back further, 17 rounds were the norm from 1967-76 with the Cowboys originally having 20 rounds to build their roster from their first time at the draft table in 1961 to 1966. Over the past 63 years, that's a lot of rounds with a lot of players selected.

But who were the best? Ranking players is always a fun endeavor, so much so that handing out grades immediately after the NFL's annual festivities has become an industry in and of itself. A ridiculous effort, yes, but one we all love, nonetheless.

However, those ongoing grades over those endless rounds raised a thought-provoking question: Who was the greatest player selected by Dallas in each round going all the way back to 1961? For some of these, narrowing down the best was no easy task. For others, well, good luck finding anyone. Regardless, every round has its share of interesting alternatives and side notes.

So with that, here is our best shot at selecting the A-plus picks in Cowboys history.

Who was the best selection for each round in the Cowboys' draft past? The time has come to take a look back at the A-plus picks in the team's history.


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