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Rank'Em: Current roster includes 13 first-round picks


Recognizing that there is no science to acquiring talent for a football team, having more first-round picks usually means more success for a team.

Hall of Fame players have been produced by every round, and some that were not even drafted. But overall, first-round picks still tend to make huge impacts for team, whether or not they were taken by their current squad or not.

This Cowboys roster currently has 13 former first-round picks, including a couple that were added in the last week.

Of the 13, seven of which were drafted in Dallas, meaning there are six others from other clubs, including four new faces this season.

The Cowboys now have 13 first-round picks on the roster, thanks to adding four more this offseason, including two in the last two weeks. All of them have a different journey but let's take a closer look at their careers since being picked in the first round.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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