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Rank'Em: Dak & Zeke Best Picks From 2016 Class?


Since they played opposite each other in the Senior Bowl game back in 2016, and drafted in the same class later that spring and now reside in the same division, it's only fitting that Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott will be linked to each other for likely their entire careers.

Well into their fourth season, it's still a healthy debate on which player has had the better career. Obviously, Wentz leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl, although he didn't get to play in the game, would give him an edge in some minds. But there are others who look at stats, durability and even upside and would point to Dak.

But for this week's Rank'em, we didn't just stop at the two quarterbacks. We went back and looked at the entire 2016 Draft Class and ranked the players according to their success on the field.

Heading into Sunday's game, there are six players that will be on the field in the Eagles-Cowboys matchup that make this list of the best 25 players from that class, including four Cowboys.

So here is what our staff put together as the players from the 2016 class so far.

Before we get to the Top 20, here are five honorable mention, including the Cowboys' Maliek Collins. Tennessee's Derrick Henry, the Eagles' Jordan Howard, who was drafted by the Bears originally, Atlanta's Austin Hooper and Chicago's Leonard Floyd round out the first five.

Sunday night's game will feature some of the best players form the 2016 Draft. But where do Zeke, Dak & Wentz rank among the entire class.

William A. Boykins

Digital Media Producer / Webmaster

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