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Rank'Em: Debuts, Black Cats Highlight MNF vs. NYG


The Cowboys and Giants have obviously played some wild games over the years, and many of them have occurred on Monday Night Football.

That's where the two teams will square off again this Monday, marking the 12th time for these two franchises to meet on MNF. This year marks the first year for Troy Aikman to be in the booth on Monday night. The former Cowboys quarterback has moved from Fox to ESPN, alongside Joe Buck. Aikman has been involved in a few of these wild games, which date back over 50 years.

Let's back to the 11 memorable – and oftentimes crazy – meetings between the Cowboys and Giants on Monday Night.

The Cowboys and Giants will meet again on Monday Night Football this week, hoping to add another chapter to an already memorably rivalry. Here are the Top games from the Cowboys and Giants on Monday night.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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