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Rank'Em: Post Thanksgiving Results Under Garrett


And here we are again. The Cowboys have reached the month of December and certainly not many expected a 6-6 record.

But what was expected was to be in the first place and the Cowboys have managed to do that, despite being .500.

Since Jason Garrett took over as the interim head coach in 2010, we've seen some strange twists and turns in the final month of play. We've seen them run the table and win four straight to claim the NFC East. We've seen the bottom fall out and the Cowboys go from first place to out of the playoffs.

We've seen them hang on for dear life, something they're trying to do again this year.

So before another December game is played this year, let's take a look back to the previous nine years under Jason Garrett and see how the Cowboys have fared after Thanksgiving.

The Cowboys have seen some crazy things happen in the final month of the season, even under Jason Garrett as head coach. Let's chart the Cowboys' success and misses in his nine years as head coach.

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