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Rank'Em: These 20 Switching To College Number?


The NFL passed a few new rule changes this week, but one that seems to draw the most attention, isn't one that should affect the actual game at all.

But the look of the game will certainly be different now that the NFL relaxed its rules on jersey numbers, allowing a wider range of numbers for skill players.

Those coveted single-digit numbers that we see in the college game can now be worn in the NFL.

Now, it won't exactly be a sweeping change right away, as the league has set regulations for any player wanting to change this season, would have to absorb the inventory costs of the existing printed jerseys of the original number.

For example, if Jaylon Smith indeed wants to move from 54 to No. 9, his college number at Notre Dame, he would be on the hook for all of the remaining 54 jerseys that have not been sold.

That could be a pricey switch for certain players and might be the reason it doesn't happen as much this year.

But there's no guarantee Smith could even get No. 9 if he wants it. Not only has it been just a few years since Tony Romo wore it, but Smith isn't the only current player that could switch to No. 9.

Here's a look at over 20 players on the current roster who now could move back to their college numbers. Some of the numbers are already taken or won't be distributed for other reasons. But still, with the rule changes, these players at least have the option they didn't have before.

The NFL has officially passed a rule that allows certain players to move numbers. These 20 Cowboys could actually benefit from the change.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers