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Rank'Em: Top 15 Players Of Training Camp So Far


OXNARD, Calif. – We love to give out report cards at the end of a school year, or in this case, the end of camp.

But as we sit here about halfway through our time in Oxnard, it's time for a progress report.

There has been plenty of work on the field – both in pads and some without – for us to get a good understanding of how things are going so far.

So the staff writers have identified the top 15 players of training camp, based off their performances here in Oxnard. So you won't see Dak or Zeke or some of the other top players we expect to carry this team in 2021.
No, but here are 15 players who have stood out the most here from Oxnard:

With training camp nearly at the halfway point here in California, we decided to rank the top players from Oxnard so far. The top spot is easy, but after that ... let's find out.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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