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Redskins' Orakpo Not Impressed By Romo

A lot of people seem to be flip-flopping their ideas of Tony Romo over the last two weeks, but at least one of the guys trying to defend him on Monday night still doesn't think much of the quarterback playing through pain.

Second-year Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo believes Romo wasn't hurt as bad as was portrayed in the media.

"To me, they blown it way out of proportion," Orakpo told a Washington ESPN Radio affiliate. "I mean, they tried to make it seem like the guy was hospitalized the night before the game, just so we could build it up if they was to win the game.

"Oh, he's a courageous player to go out there and play. The guy was playing just like Tony Romo, running around, making throws. He got hit throughout the whole game and still getting up. I mean, it was blown way out of proportion, but it is what it is."

Last week, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall created a buzz by vowing to target Romo's fractured ribs if he had the chance in the game.

On the Cowboys' final drive, Romo threw Hall's way when connecting on the third-and-21 conversion to Dez Bryant.

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