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Remember These Five

    • Shoe-String Crayton
      Not long after Terence Newman picked off a pass to set up the Cowboys' first touchdown, the offense faced a third-and-9 at the Washington 35. An incomplete pass likely would've forced the Cowboys to try new kicker Shaun Suisham on a 53-yard attempt. Instead, Romo hit Patrick Crayton over the middle as the wide receiver made a nifty catch just a few inches off the ground. The 16-yard gain not only extended the drive but eventually led to a Romo 4-yard touchdown pass to Roy Williams.
  • Double Sack Follows Pick
    With the Cowboys already leading 14-0 late in the first half, the offense was looking for more when Romo fired a pass to Roy Williams. But the ball deflected off Williams' hands and into the air, picked off and returned by safety Reed Doughty to the Washington 45. Finally, some life was getting pumped into the crowd. But on the ensuing play, Anthony Spencer and Igor Olshansky met up at Jason Campbell, sacking him for a 13-yard loss. Spencer ripped the ball out but the replay officials ruled the quarterback down by contact before the fumble. Still, the Cowboys thwarted great field position for the Redskins, who punted after three plays.
  • Roy Drops Before Half
    Driving just before halftime, the Cowboys appeared to have a big first-down play and more when Romo found a wide open Roy Williams around the Redskins' 40. However, Williams admitted he tried to run before he caught it, and dropped the pass that likely would've put the Cowboys in field goal range with about 35 seconds remaining. Instead, the Cowboys ran out of time and never attempted a field goal, keeping the score 14-0 at half.
  • Scandrick Off The Edge
    Still trailing 14-0, the Redskins were looking for points and had a third-and-8 at the Cowboys' 34, which likely would've been four-down territory. But that was before Orlando Scandrick was sent blitzing and smashed Jason Campbell in the back before the throw. The ball was sent 10 yards backward and out of bounds. On fourth-and-18 back on the 44, the Redskins had no other choice but to punt.
  • Defensive Holding
    The Cowboys appeared to have yet another missed opportunity on third-and-6 from the Redskins' 34 when Tashard Choice was stopped for no gain. But down the field, Roy Williams was taken to the ground by Redskins corner Carlos Rogers, resulting in a five-yard defensive holding penalty that automatically gave the Cowboys a first down. Without the penalty, it's unlikely the Cowboys would've even attempted a field goal, which would've been around 52 yards for Suisham. Instead, the Cowboys kept the ball and moved it to the 5, before Suisham booted the 23-yard kick to extend the lead to 17 points.
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