Remembering 9/11

Jesse Holley, Roselle, N.J.
"I was at school when it happened, and every TV in the school suddenly was on the news. You know how things go, there were whispers all over the school, and every classroom you went into was just complete silence. All the teachers stopped their lesson plans, everybody stopped what they were doing, and we were locked onto the TV in each classroom, just watching and praying for everybody that was there, and checking on your family members that might have been in that area to see if they were OK.

Jimmy Robinson, Wayne, N.J.
"We opened the season with the first Monday night game of the year. We were the NFC champs from the year before, and played the Broncos out there.

Sean Lissemore, Teaneck, N.J.
"It was my freshman year of high school, a pretty good day in the beginning. I was happy it was my birthday. I was actually in gym, and I heard something about an airplane, right?

Jason Garrett, Manhattan
"We played Denver on Monday night, in Denver, Sept. 10. My memory of that is it was a rough game for us. Eddy McCaffrey, the receiver for Denver, tore his ACL and was going to be out for the year. Morten Andersen was our kicker, and he missed an extra point because the holder didn't get the ball placed properly. He came over to me on the sideline and said, 'You're holding next week.'

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