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Remembering The Anxiety

Written by Angela Rena

The past five seasons have been so eventful on CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. I used to love seeing the talent that came through at preliminary auditions and would anticipate the next episode every week. All the questions: Who made it through to finals? Who did they take to training camp? Who looks great in the uniform at cameos? And, of course, the inevitable calls into Kelli's office.

I now have a completely different perspective of the show. Watching this season's episodes managed to bring back the nervous feeling of the audition process. Knowing that those comments are being made about yourself and your new fellow teammates is somewhat awkward. It's so easy to have an objective opinion on the audition candidates, until you realize that the girl in purple is Bri. She was the gorgeous one who made you feel welcome in Texas when you first arrived. The girl in blue is Mackenzie. She was the one who shared the anxiety throughout the preliminary round as you sat together watching the hundreds of girls dance before you.

The personal opinions of Kelli, Judy Charlotte and the rest of the judging panel are now affecting my personal outcome in this process. Their decision could change the next few years of your life. We were fortunate enough to be shown a sneak peek of the first few episodes on our team bus rides from Valley Ranch to the games. This gave us a little bit of warning and mental preparation on what was to be aired on the season premier on Oct. 20. It feels like a lifetime ago that on May 15, 2011, I was in line with 500 other hopefuls in attempt to earn one of the coveted spots as a DCC.

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