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Romo Featured in New Movie "Now or Never"


The story of Tony Romo's playing career has been well-documented over the years. But a new movie on the quarterback's path to stardom is set to hit the screen in the near future.

Now Or Never: A Tony Romo Story, chronicles Romo's life in Burlington, Wisc. and his journey to becoming the quarterback for America's Team.

Director Chris Hanna puts the focus on Romo's Hispanic upbringing with interviews his parents, grandparents and close friends, along with several sit-down sessions with Romo, himself.

In the next few weeks, Romo is set to appear at two different Film Festivals, including the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso on Aug. 4, which sold out to the public. Because of that, the film will be screened again on Aug. 10 in El Paso.

Also, the film will be shown at the Rhode Island Film Festival from Aug. 6-11.

Last month, Romo attended a screening in his hometown of Burlington.

"I think Chris (Hanna) did a great job with the film," Romo said. "I know how hard he worked. And I'm proud of the way it turned out."

The film's publicist David Rubini added, "This film about an undrafted free agent who became captain of America's Team and then went on to become the NFL and the country's favorite sports broadcaster is a truly amazing story that needed to be explored on film. With the help of the NFL, Tony Romo and his wonderful family and friends, young Latino Filmmaker Chris Hanna brilliantly captures and tells the remarkable moments of the Tony Romo legacy on film for the very first time in a very special way."

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