Romo Takes Shots, Gives Back A Few More

him that good. He's not just looking at one guy. He understands that if he goes through his reads, that we're all going to get involved and that makes us better as an offense. But that's what we're used to. He's the same way in practice and the games."

But hearing all this talk, mostly from the national media, not the ones that see him every week, you might think he doesn't practice at all.

No, Romo just takes off on vacations every week. And he blows off film sessions and practice to go qualify for the U.S. Open. Yeah, the rest of the team is at Valley Ranch preparing for the Browns, but Tony and Jessica are playing Blackjack in Vegas or snorkeling on the Keys.


You see it everywhere. Just how focused is Tony Romo? Can he lead this team to a championship? Does this team's ride to the Super Bowl include the Red Carpet?

Really, it's all a discredit to how hard he actually works. When his critics wonder if all this is a big distraction, it's a huge injustice to a guy that never can watch enough film. And he never does throw enough passes.

This is the guy, that on a family trip this past off-season, pulled his dad basically out of bed because he found an empty spot in a hotel parking lot and wanted to throw a few more passes. Poor Ramiro, just wanted to sleep. But no, he has to go catch Romo lasers in the dark, because his Pro Bowler of a son wants to get better.

"The best thing about Tony, he works discreetly," Witten said. "I left on Friday, thinking I was one of the last to leave and I see Tony. He's finding a room in the corner to watch some more film. He's always finding different ways to improve himself."

And no player on the team probably knows Romo better than Witten, who admits he's seen a new fire from his quarterback this year.

"He's always been focused. But I think he's more driven now than he's ever been," Witten said. "He's focused on winning and leading this team. You see it in his face and his actions. He's driven more now and he's more competitive than I've ever seen him."

And he competed rather nicely here Sunday. Sore hand, bloody chin and all, Romo guided this team to an impressive victory.

It won't silence every critic. That won't happen until he wins a playoff game. But Sunday was a good start.

If anything, he should get his name back for a few days.

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