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Romo Throwing Fine, According To Austin

According to one of the guys whose opinion matters most, Tony Romo's throwing hand should be just fine.

Wide receiver Miles Austin said Friday he hasn't been able to tell that the quarterback has been bothered at all by the bruised hand he suffered against the Eagles in Week 16.

"I mean, he's accurate," Austin said. "I didn't have a radar gun to let me know (the speed). He would only know if he's zipping it. I felt like the passes were pretty on par with him.

"He's good. I feel like he's alright.

Romo's wrist and hand were taped more heavily on Friday than earlier in the week, and attempt to diminish swelling. With an eight day gap between games, the Cowboys are optimistic Romo's injury early in the Philadelphia game will have no ill effects on his play Sunday night.

"We're certainly hopeful," Jason Garrett said. "He's made progress as the week's gone on."

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