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Royal Rumble


would be better served at this point if Williams were playing his best than if his snaps went to Crayton, Ogletree, Sam Hurd or a rookie.

You had better hope Williams gets there, Cowboys fan. I realize a lot of folks are disillusioned with him, which is understandable given the draft picks the Cowboys gave up for him, and the money he's making. A lot of fans would rather he be released than even compete for a starting job. But he's not going to be released. His high buying price means he'll be given every opportunity to regain form. You wouldn't sell at zero if he were your investment, right?

A couple weeks ago in this column I preached self-honesty for the Cowboys this off-season - Williams should only get what he rightfully deserves based on his ability. The team has to hold true to that, but they also have a responsibility to maximize his ability. While Phillips wouldn't explain the plan to help Williams on Friday, Jones did give some info two days later.

"He's got technical things he can work on and improve," Jones said. "When he comes off the line low he's different than when he comes off high. So there're things that he can work on ¬- he works on those. There're things we can do to give us a better chance to use his skill. His hands are a great attribute, and he can do some things technically with line of sight with the ball. He can do some things with his routes that give him a better line of sight with the ball. He can do all those kinds of things."

The story isn't that Williams is in hot water, it's that the Cowboys need better from him because it's the best thing for the team.

"I think it's incumbent upon us to take the skills that any of our players have and maximize those skills," Jones said. "In addition to him (improving on his own), we've got to continue working on what would make him more productive."

So for now, enough with the calls for Williams to be traded or released, and enough with the point-scoring headlines. It's time for the Cowboys to figure out how he and Tony Romo can start clicking.

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